Piccadilly Circus

24th September 2015

Piccadilly Circus, the entertainment centre of London. Here you have the statue we call Eros – and legend has it, if you stand here with your partner as the clock chimes midnight, and you declare your love, that love with last forever… Although we nickname the statue Eros, it’s actually the angel of Christian charity, commemorating the Earl of Shaftesbury, who helped abolish child labour in the Victorian times.

Off Piccadilly Circus you have:

  1. Piccadilly – Home to the department store Fortnum and Mason, who are world famous for their luxury hampers and tea.
  2. Regent Street – One of the best shopping streets in London.
  3. Shaftesbury Avenue – The highest number of theatres on one road in the world.
  4. Soho – The best bars, clubs and restaurants in London. Also home to China town.
  5. Leicester Square – Cinemas and film premieres.

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