Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch St

13th October 2015

The Sky Garden is located at the top of one of the City of London’s tallest office’s, 20 Fenchurch Street. It is more commonly known by its nickname, the Walkie Talkie, due to its unusual appearance. It was recently voted London’s ugliest building. What an accolade…

The Sky Garden is 150 metres above ground, as the views are spectacular as the building is in the heart of the city square mile. Even more exciting is it is completely FREE to visit. Compare this to the Shard’s viewing platform which costs £29.95 to visit, the Sky Garden is a much better choice. The Shard is twice as tall, but it is located in Southwark, so not as central.

The reason the Sky Garden exists is to justify building such a vast office block on the edge of a conservation area, outside the City of London’s planned cluster of towers. It was thought that if the public was given sky garden, all would be forgiven. Hmm…

There are a number of restaurants and bars that you can book separately, and there is a (very overpriced) cafe for the non-paying Sky Garden customers. If you don’t like cream-cheese or cous-cous, I would suggest popping to the nearby MacDonalds to indulge any cravings.

Overall, the views are unmissable. A must see!

You can book online via their website.

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